Wall information sign “GLASS”

Tempered glass directional sign, mounted on wall

Glass information boards are an elegant combination of glass and aluminum – a combination that characteristic of modern architecture.
Large glass areas create a unique climate of the interiors, and the modern, simple design should meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Glass system is a great challenge in designing information.
The designer’s invention is practically unlimited in this case and provides incredible possibilities for utilizing the display space.

Utilizing an innovative solution of handles’ fixing, which does not require drilling in the glass allows emphasizing the individuality during the designing process of the board’s graphical layout by placing handles in any chosen places.

  • The product is made of safety – tempered glass and aluminum elements
  • Handles are anodic oxidized into silver or golden color

Our realisations:


Product card / specification:

Way of fixing the Glass wall sign:

Glass directional sign should be fixed to the wall or door by screws and dowels and special aluminum mounting handles. The set of installation accessories is included to each plate: screws, dowels, handles and Allen screws.

Maintenance and service of glass boards:

Glass boards might be cleaned by dry or wet cloth and glass cleaner. Water or glass cleaner liquid shouldn’t get between two glass boards. Solvent, strong and corrosive chemicals, any sharp tools shouldn’t be used to cleaning or fixing the glass boards.

Changing of information in Glass board:

Changing of graphics in professional way is available just by manufacturer according to user needs.