Standing directional signs “CIRCLE”

Pedestal base stands with rotating frame

Circle stands with rotating boards are a system intended for placing information, which is frequently changed. A durable, aesthetical and incredibly functional product made of high-quality anodic oxidized aluminum.

Circle stands are a perfect carrier for temporary information. They perfectly work as welcoming stands, in conferences, as temporary directional plates for banks, hotels, schools, institutions, catering companies, etc.
An advantage of the system is the possibility to regulate the board – horizontal / vertical.

Thanks to adopting a heavy foundation they are very well balanced, which has significant impact on their stability. Circle carriers are available with both black and grey end cups, and thanks to their characteristic shape they establish an interesting display space.

  • Product made of anodic oxidized aluminum extrusion – in silver or golden color
  • The boards have finishing – PCV end cups in black or grey
  • Information protected with transparent anti-reflexive film

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Specification / product card:

Maintenance and service of:

Circle signs might be cleaned by dry or wet cloth and glass cleaner. Water or glass cleaner liquid shouldn’t get between under anti-reflexive film. Solvent, strong and corrosive chemicals, any sharp tools shouldn’t be used to cleaning or fixing of the glass boards. Compressed air might be used in difficult of access places.

Changing of graphics:

1. Manually remove the top / side plastic finishing cup
2. Take out the anti-glare foil
3. Change the graphics, and again put on it anti-glare foil.
4. Put back plastic finishing cup.