Snap frames information board

Wall-mounted Clip frames

Snap frames OSCAR poster frames represent popular and traditional system of signage – known as Open-Insert-Close.

OSCAR clip frames’ purpose is simple – to present advertisement materials and information that must be frequently updated. Snap frames are used to highlight a menu, promotional and special offer info, or other important messages.

Made of high-quality anodised aluminium, our clip frames are durable, visually attractive and incredibly functional for years.

Clip frame is made of aluminium profiles.

The corners are mitred (cut at 45 degree angle)
Transparent anti-glare panel prevents the insert from fading out and damage


Clip frames – product gallery:

Clip frames – graphic replacing:

1. Changing of the graphic might be done by yourself, anytime, without any tools.
2. Bend sides of snap frame and at the same time pull the edge inside to yourself.
3. Take out anti-glare foil and poster. Put a poster inside and again cover by foil.
4. Shut the snap frame of pavement bord by slamming sides toward graphic.

Onen Close Sign board