Pictogram Sign “RHYTHM”

Information Pictograms, Signs and boards: RHYTHM

Screw-in aluminium pictogram plates

A system of pictogram plates from the Rhythm collection, made of aluminum extrusion, anodic oxidized into silver color by default.

Universal patterns and color scheme of the Rhythm system allow utilization in various types of architecture. It perfectly fits into different interior finishing elements.

Rhythm pictograms are available in three versions: installed perpendicularly, with an interchangeable module – also masking the fixing of the plate as well as a permanent module. The plates are most often used as marking of social rooms.

  • Product made of aluminum extrusion
  • Each plate has a set of fixing accessories: screws and dowels as well as a double-sided adhesive foam.


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Product Card / Pictogram Specifications:

Way of fixing RHYTHM pictogram:

Rhythm pictogram sign should be fixed to the wall or door by screws and mounting holes, prepared by manufacturer or by double-sided adhesive tape. Screws, dowels and adhesive tape are always included to each plate.

Maintenance and service of:

Pictogram signs might be cleaned by dry or wet cloth and glass cleaner. Solvent, strong and corrosive chemicals, any sharp tools shouldn’t be used to cleaning or fixing of the aluminium. Compressed air might be used in difficult of access places. If you replace the module / graphics, use only original keys (attach to the package).

Graphics exchange in RHYTHM door signs:

Changing of graphics in professional way is available just by manufacturer according to user needs.