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External products, Signs and boards: DUAL

Wall-mounted information board

DUAL signs constitute a system of sign boards made of high-quality specially designed aluminium profiles that can be combined with various sizes of information/advertisement displays.

Dual sign boards can be used both outside and inside a building. The fixing/mounting method can vary, according to our customers’ needs. When necessary, the sign can be free standing, but also side-mounted to the wall.

The universal structure of the boards allows constructing standalone boards and boards fixed to facades perpendicularly.

The universal design will match every architecture, complete and emphasize the interior design of many organisations. Free standing signs are the most popular solution applied in car parks, squares, streets, outside buildings etc.

The Dual system is a perfect carrier for directional information, which is the core of all visual information, in particular around objects, and it allows perfect design.

DUAL signage, accompanied by professionally composed graphic design, is an effective and efficient advertising element of architecture. The sign board is made carefully, with precision, of the highest-quality materials. This makes our signs meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Product made of aluminium profiles anodized into silver color as a standard.
There is possibility of painting profiles in any color from the RAL palette
Display surface made of aluminium plate
Each sign has grips to mount it to the ground/substrate.

Free standing boards
Wall mounted sign
Product code/ Sizes
Display area: 1000 x 400mm
Display area: 400 x 1000mm

Maximum size of display area:
Free standing sign 1000x400mm
Wall mounted sign 2000×400

Finishing of double profile in wall mounted sign
Ending cups are made in grey color

Our Projects:




Non-standard sizes available on request. Phone no: 413468000 or e-mail apo@midas.pl

Outdoor sign specification:

DUAL - outdoor information board

Non-standard sizes available on request. Phone no: 413468000 or e-mail apo@midas.pl

Way of fixing outside boards:

Sign board Dual may be mounted to the ground by special elements or diged deeply to the ground. Every board is produced to client’s order, so first of all we need information about its way of fixing to to meet client’s requirements.

Maintenance and service of Dual board:

Dual boards might be cleaned by dry or wet cloth, glass cleaner might be used as well. Solvent, strong and corrosive chemicals shouldn’t be used to cleaning or fixing the board.

Changing of graphic:

Changing of graphic might be done just by manufacturer, in the way specified by user