Hanging directional sign “RHYTHM”

Directional boards, Signs and boards: RHYTHM

Suspended directional board

System Rhythm Direction is a system of information boards with the information changing and updating capability. Made of high-quality aluminum extrusion, anodic oxidized into silver color by default.

It is a perfect supplementation of the Rhythm collection as a carrier of directional information, marking of positions or emphasizing the functions of rooms by adopting proper surface dimensions. Available as wall-mounted boards mounted directly to the wall and hanging boards – single and double sided.

It perfectly fits other interior design elements. It has the capability of free configuration and stacking of modules – depending on the needs and aesthetical requirements.

The Rhythm System is one of the most often chosen systems amongst all our systems, adopted for marking of office rooms, public administration buildings, universities, traffic roads, etc.

Patterns, durability and precision of rendition allow utilizing the Rhythm Direction system for many years to come.

  • Product made of aluminum extrusion.
  • Information medium – PCV.
  • Information is protected by a transparent anti-reflexive film.

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Product card / specification:


Fixing Rhythm – directional hanging signs:

RHYTHM directional sign should be fixed to the ceiling, with screws and dowels, using the hardware that is included in the kit. Table hanging on steel cables, standard length of 150 cm, which can be reduced if necessary. Mounting to the ceiling is neatly finished with dedicated masking elements.

Maintenance and service of Directional suspended signs RHYTHM:

Directional signs “RHYTHM” might be cleaned by dry or wet cloth and glass cleaner. Solvent, strong and corrosive chemicals, any sharp tools shouldn’t be used to cleaning or fixing of the aluminium boards. Compressed air might be used in difficult of access places.

Changing of graphics in hanging directional signs RHYTHM:

1. Carefully remove masking element by flat screwdriver.
2. Slide out aluminum panel, take off the anti-glare foil and change the graphic.
3. Later on cover back anti-glare foil and put module back to sign board.