Directory sign / Notice board “RHYTHM” MAX

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Modular panel board RHYTHM MAX

System Rhythm Max is a traditional system based on constructing information space from modules, which allow easily and quickly updating information. Such a construction enables a very clear and ordered information layout.
Allows building very large information spaces in an incredibly durable and elegant form. Here, just like in the case of the whole Rhythm collection, it is done in a very clearly and ordered way..

System Rhythm Max was built from high-quality aluminum extrusion, anodic oxidized into silver color by default.

Rhythm Max boards have the capability of free configuration of the modules – depending on the quantity of posted information, aesthetical requirements and the place of installation.

The system has three heights of the information modules: 60 mm, 115 mm and 180 mm. Each board is created for a specific order, its construction is always well thought-through, not leaving any hints of randomness.

System Rhythm Max has been enjoying great interest and perfect utilization recommendations for many years.
The largest group of customers are public institutions as well as companies creating extensive organizational structures. Rhythm Max boards are most often used as general information carriers of buildings

  • Product made of aluminum extrusion
  • Information secured with transparent anti-reflexive film
  • Easy information updating – graphics

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Product card / Specification:

Panel Directory Board - rhythm_max

Way of fixing Rhythm Max notice board:

Rhythm MAX sign should be fixed to the wall or door by screws and mounting holes, prepared by manufacturer. Screws and dowels are always included to each directory board.

Maintenance and service of:

Information / Notice board RHYTHM MAX might be cleaned by dry or wet cloth and glass cleaner. Solvent, strong and corrosive chemicals, any sharp tools shouldn’t be used to cleaning or fixing of the glass boards. Compressed air might be used in difficult of access places.

Changing of graphics in RHYTHM MAX notice board:

1. Carefully remove masking element by flat screwdriver.
2. Slide out aluminum panel, take off the anti-glare foil and change the graphic.
3. Later on cover back anti-glare foil and put module back to sign board.