Door Signs “GLASS”

Tempered Glass Wall / Door and table signs

Elegant, crystal glass and original design of the Glass handles was created with incredibly demanding users’ in mind.

combination of materials – precisely grinded glass and handles made of high-quality anodic oxidized aluminum creates an exclusive character of interior and perfectly fits both modern and stylish architecture.

Aside from the exclusive nature, Glass system is also functionality.
Information updating is done very quickly, and the required activities are not complicated.

  • Product made of tempered glass as well as aluminum elements
  • Handles anodic oxidized into silver of golden color
  • A set of accessories for installation: screws and dowels, is attached to each plate


Our Projects:

Product Card: Door Signs GLASS:

Way of fixing the Glass door sign:

Glass door sign should be fixed to the wall or door by screws and dowels and special aluminum mounting handles. Joining glass elements with aluminum handles may be made by Allen screws, which are hidden inside of handles. The set of installation accessories is included to each plate: screws, dowels, handles and Allen screws.

Maintenance and service of glass boards:

Glass boards might be cleaned by dry or wet cloth and glass cleaner. Water or glass cleaner liquid shouldn’t get between two glass boards. Solvent, strong and corrosive chemicals, any sharp tools shouldn’t be used to cleaning or fixing the glass boards.

Changing of information in Glass sign:

Changing of graphics in professional way is available just by manufacturer according to user needs.